Skin Rejuvenation

The skin is the largest organ in the body and has many important roles in maintaining the health of your body including thermal regulation, immune response, sensation, protection and vitamin D production. Your skin is also the outside marker of the health of your body and often the first thing others notice about you when looking at you.

Skin rejuvenation is the attempt to halt and undo the ageing process and repair the damage to the skin and thus restore a more youthful and healthy functioning skin and appearance.

Skin Rejuvenation

  1. Show signs of ageing:
    a. have dry and/or flaky skin
    b. have fine wrinkles and lines
    c. have uneven pigmentation
    d. thinning skin
  2. Have skin conditions
    a. Acne
    b. rosacea
  3. have youthful skin and wish to preserve it in a youthful & healthy state
  4. want to improve self-image and esteem by restoring skin health and a youthful glow

The whole process starts with a detailed consultation and assessment of your skin in clinic followed by a discussion about what, if any, elements of your skin are damaged and where applicable the options that exist to try to improve things.

A lot is written in the press and magazines and spoken on the television about skin care and products but, with the greatest respect to those talking about such matters, the majority of what is said, advertised and recommended has very little benefit in terms of truly restoring your skins health, function and appearance to that of when you were in your youth. The grade of topical treatments in over-the-counter products is almost always insufficient in its concentration to be able to truly restore your skin to health. The dosages and concentrations of products including the essential agents for skin health restoration including vitamin A derivatives (Tretinoin & retinol), hydroquinone are only available via prescribed products from a Doctor. Other essential ingredients include antioxidants such as Vitamin C, DNA repair agents, anti-inflammatory agents and growth factors. It is estimated that approximately 80% of all Cosmeceuticals currently on the market contain “active ingredients” that are of questionable scientific value and thus benefit to your skin and its overall health.

To achieve healthy, rejuvenated skin I follow the four principles as detailed by Dr Zein Obagi that are:

1) Correction – improving the epidermis
2) Stimulation – improving the dermis
3) Bleaching & blending – correcting pigmentation problems where they exist
4) Stabilisation – maintaining healthy skin by preventing diseases, textural changes and cellular dysfunction

Methods to restore skin health and rejuvenate include the following:

a) Topical crèmes
b) Chemical peels
c) Dermabrasion
d) Micro needling
e) Lasers & IPL
f) LED light therapy
g) Fat grafting
h) HI FU
i) Radiofrequency/ULL

Whilst all the above methods will in some way for most people help to improve specific elements of their skin, most are not long lasting as they do NOT treat the underlying cause and thus resign you to a recurrence of the problem sometime in the not-to-distant future and thus more expense to undergo further repeats of treatment – they only treat the symptom and not the underlying cause. Topical skin treatments are therefore, in my opinion, the key to restoring the skins health, treating underlying causes that can then be augmented by one or more of the other treatment methods mentioned.

  • Dry/flaky skin
  • Redness (erythema)
  • Soreness
  • Swelling &/or bruising
  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH)
  • No change/improvement
  • Scarring
  • Irritation of mucosal linings