Preparing for Surgery

Not sure what are the ‘do’s and don’ts’ before your surgery? No need to worry, here is everything you need to help you understand how you can have yourself prepared for your surgery.

The Do's & Don'ts

Don't have anything to eat 6 hours before your surgery

You can drink CLEAR fluids only (nothing with milk in it) up to two hours before your surgery. Where possible we will endeavour to give you an estimated time in theatre so as to help you plan. If you are having your procedure under local anaesthetic only then this is not applicable.

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Do remove make-up

Regardless of what surgery you are having, please remove your make-up before your procedure.

Don't smoke for at least 6 weeks before surgery and one month after

Smoking impedes wound healing so this is especially applicable to procedures such as Breast reduction or uplift, facelift and tummy tuck.

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Do remove all Jewellery

It is advisable to leave all your jewellery at home. None can be worn during your procedure.

Don't drink alcohol one week either side of your procedure

Alcohol can make the blood thinner leading to a higher risk of bleeding and bruising. It also dehydrates you and can impede wound healing.

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Do wear loose, comfortable clothing

Ideally wear clothing that is loose, comfortable and easy to get on/off as this will help you after your procedure and in the succeeding days.

Don't forget your toiletries

You will want to shower the day after surgery and feel ‘human’ again, or possible re-apply make-up before you leave the hospital or clinic.


Do bring an iPad/iPod, book, magazine

Bringing items to help pass away the time before and after your procedure is advisable. Bring anything (within reason) that helps make you feel at home.

Don't expect to feel 100%

It may take several days, sometimes longer, to start feeling yourself. This is entirely normal and to be expected.


Do take your medications

Take all your medications as prescribed and advised.

Don't hesitate to ask/ Do ask any questions

If you have any questions about your care then please do ask them.