Dermalux LED®

Dermalux® is a multi-award winning, scientifically proven, FDA approved, professional LED phototherapy, powered by Tri-Wave LED technology that offers the most clinically proven wavelengths of light (Blue 415nm, Red 633nm, Near Infrared 830nm) to provide seven single and multi-wavelength treatment modes to treat the skin for a wide variety of medical and cosmetic indications, ranging from skin rejuvenation, acne, psoriasis, pigmentation to wound healing and pain relief.

Dermalux® is safe and suitable for men and women of all ages and skin colours, is non-invasive with zero downtime.

The most common areas for treatment with Dermalux® are the face and neck, but any area of the body can be treated. Whilst you will see improvement after just one treatment, the best results are gained from a course of treatments taken in close succession, with subsequent regular maintenance treatments to offer lasting improvement in the appearance and health of the skin.

Your Dermalux® treatment can be performed on its own or in conjunction with other treatments, including: Profhilo®, facial fillers, Morpheus8™, FaceTite™, BodyTIte™, HydraFacial™, chemical peels to name but a few.

Dermalux LED®

  1. Those that are starting to form fine lines

  2.  Those looking to brighten a dull complexion

  3. Those looking to boost their skin prior to an event or occasion

  4. Those suffering with acne &/or rosacea

  5. Those suffering inflammatory skin conditions (e.g. Eczema)

  6. Those suffering with Psoriasis

  7. Those with skin pigmentation problems

  8. Those looking to boost self-confidence and esteem

  1. · Those with active herpes simplex (cold sore

  2. Those on medications that cause light sensitivity (e.g. Tetracycline)

  3. Those with Photo allergy (allergic to light)

Prior to any treatment your skin and goals will be assessed to ensure we are providing you with the correct and best treatment for you.

Following removal of any make-up, Dermalux® flex involves you laying on the treatment couch, wearing a pair of light protecting goggles and laying for thirty (30) minutes whilst the Dermalux® LED provides your treatment.

Depending on the reason for treatment, the number and frequency of treatments may vary, but as a general rule thumb, a minimum course of six (6) treatments is recommended that can be provided weekly or twice-weekly, with subsequent maintenance treatments to maintain the results.

Most see and/or feel the benefits after the first treatment, and the more frequently you have the treatment, the quicker you will see your results going forward. Results can be augmented by allied treatments and/or skin treatment regimens that can be discussed at your initial consultation.

  1. Remove all make-up
  2. Avoid Retinol containing products the day of the Dermaluxâ Treatment
  1.  Regular use of Sun Protection

Dermalux® treatment can occasionally cause redness that will settle within minutes or hours. Dermalux® will not cause you to have a tan as it does not provide the UV light waves (rays) that stimulate the pigment producing cells (melanocytes) in your skin.