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In females much importance is placed upon the appearance of their breasts, especially as a feature that society currently uses to help define the female form and femininity.


See our range of treatments focused on the brow and forehead areas here.


The “windows to the soul”, along with your hands, are the two features of your body that can truly reveal your age and can make you look tired, even if you are not.


Hair thinning and loss afflicts both males and females. Whilst hair transplantation remains the gold standard for hair loss, treatments to help stimulate and restore sluggish hair follicle growth exist to help improve follicle thickness and number.


The largest organ of the body and the organ most often neglected is the skin. Complaints range from inflammatory conditions, including Eczema & Psoriasis, wrinkles, pigmentation, thin skin, dull and uneven texture, as well as lumps, bumps and moles.


Scars result from many different insults to the skin, be them surgical, trauma, infection, genetics to name a few causes.


Facial ageing is multifactorial, resulting from a combination of genetics, sun exposure, age, smoking and life stresses.


One of the markers of a youthful appearance is the tight neck with a defined jawline.

Legs & Thighs

Many people have concerns about the appearance of their thighs (between hip & knee) and legs (between knee & ankle), often keeping them covered up year-round.


Excessive sweating, or Hyperhidrosis, is incredibly common and can afflict various sites, including hands, armpits, scalp, and feet.