Mole removal London same day

Moles, often considered beauty marks, can sometimes become a source of self-consciousness or even a medical concern. MD Aesthetics can help you with same day mole removal London from our clinic in Hitchin, Hertfordshire. Our advanced mole removal methods offer safe and effective solutions, allowing individuals to achieve skin they are happy with. 

Methods of mole removal

During the procedure, a highly focused laser beam targets the pigmented cells, breaking them down without affecting the surrounding skin. This method is ideal for smaller moles and those located on sensitive areas like the face, as it minimises scarring and ensures rapid healing.

For larger or atypical moles, surgical excision remains a trusted option. A dermatologist numbs the area, carefully cuts out the mole, and then closes the wound with stitches. This technique ensures complete removal, making it particularly suitable for potentially cancerous moles that require laboratory examination.

Shave excision is commonly used for raised moles that do not penetrate deep into the skin. During the procedure, the mole is carefully shaved off at the skin’s surface using a scalpel. While this technique does not require stitches, there is a small risk of scarring or mole regrowth.

You can count on MD Aesthetics for mole removal London. Schedule a consultation with us today to achieve skin you’re happier with.

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