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How to Get Rid of Keloid Scars: Keloid Scar Removal in Hitchin

Expert Keloid Scar Removal Services London

Keloid scars can be a persistent and frustrating skin condition, often resulting in raised, thickened areas of scar tissue that extend beyond the original injury site. If you’re in Hitchin and seeking effective methods to get rid of keloid scars, you’re in luck. This blog will explore various treatments and options available locally to help you achieve smoother, scar-free skin.

Understanding Keloid Scars

Keloid scars occur when the skin’s healing process goes into overdrive, producing excess collagen that forms a dense, fibrous tissue. These scars can be triggered by anything from minor injuries and surgical incisions to acne and piercings. Unlike regular scars, keloids do not subside over time and may even continue to grow.

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Comprehensive Lipoma Removal Services

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Keloid Scar Removal Options in Hitchin

  1. Silicone Gel Sheets and Ointments

    • How They Work: Silicone gel sheets and ointments are applied directly to the keloid. They work by hydrating the scar tissue, which can help to flatten and soften the scar over time.
    • Where to Find: These are available over the counter at local Hitchin pharmacies or can be prescribed by a dermatologist.
  2. Steroid Injections

    • How They Work: Steroid injections help to reduce inflammation and can shrink keloid scars by breaking down excess collagen.
    • Where to Get Treated: Many dermatology clinics in Hitchin offer steroid injection treatments. It’s a good idea to consult with a local dermatologist to discuss this option.
  3. Laser Therapy

    • How It Works: Laser therapy uses focused light to reduce the redness and size of keloids. This treatment can also improve the texture of the scar.
    • Local Providers: Look for specialised skin clinics or dermatologists in Hitchin who offer laser therapy for scar removal.
  4. Cryotherapy

    • How It Works: Cryotherapy involves freezing the keloid with liquid nitrogen, which can reduce its size. This method is often used in conjunction with other treatments like steroid injections.
    • Treatment Centres: Several clinics in Hitchin provide cryotherapy services. It’s essential to find a clinic with experience in treating keloid scars specifically.
  5. Surgical Removal

    • How It Works: In some cases, surgical removal of the keloid might be recommended. However, this is often followed by additional treatments like radiation or steroid injections to prevent the keloid from returning.
    • Consultation: If considering surgery, seek out a Hitchin-based plastic surgeon or dermatologist who specialises in keloid removal.
  6. Pressure Therapy

    • How It Works: Applying pressure to the keloid through dressings or specialised garments can help to flatten the scar.
    • Availability: This treatment can be discussed with a dermatologist in Hitchin, who can guide you on the best products and methods to use.

Seeking Professional Help

For the best results, consult with a dermatology expert in Hitchin. Ready to say goodbye to your keloid scar? Contact MD Aesthetics in Hitchin, your local experts in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire. With a team of qualified professionals and a range of effective treatment options, MD Aesthetics ensures safe and efficient keloid scar removal. Serving Hitchin, Stevenage, Letchworth, and the surrounding areas, we are committed to providing exceptional care and results. Schedule your consultation today and take the first step towards perfect skin.