• Procedure Time
    Dependent upon combination of procedures undergoing
  • Anaesthetic Type
  • Length of stay
    Over night
  • Recuperation Time
    2 weeks
  • Price

Mummy Makeover is a term in cosmetic surgery synonymous with combined body and breast rejuvenation surgery – often following having children where the abdomen and breasts have undergone changes in shape and volume. The typical Mummy Makeover is some form of abdominoplasty combined with a breast uplift and/or augmentation, however any number of combinations is possible. The different procedures are often performed at the same time under the same general anaesthetic, however some women opt for separate procedures and others are not suitable for all procedures to be done in one operation.

  1. Have droopy and/or deflated breasts following children and/or weight loss
  2. Have excess or loose abdominal tissue following children and/or weight loss
  3. Separation of the rectus (abdominal) muscles following pregnancy
  4. Have stubborn deposits of fat gained during pregnancy and unable to shift
  5. Want to improve self-image and esteem

It is important that before you embark on surgery you have achieved the weight you would like to be and that your weight is stable. You will require help at home with your children (if they’re young) during the recovery period so as you can relax and focus on your recovery so as to not compromise the results of your surgery. You should also ideally have finished your family as further pregnancies will affect the outcome of your results.

The operation is carried out under a General Anaesthetic (you are asleep) and, depending upon the combination of procedures you are undergoing, can take up to six hours to complete. You will be required to stay in hospital for one night.

You will be required to wear a non-underwired post-surgical support bra (Mr Davis advocates LipoElastic® garments) for a period of six weeks and compression garments to the abdomen and/or areas of liposuction for around 4 weeks. You will be encouraged to shower twenty-four to forty-eight hours after surgery, however you are to dab your wounds dry, let them dry naturally or to use your hairdryer on a cool setting to blow them dry – you are NOT to rub your wounds for one month after surgery.

After two weeks you will be asked to apply moisturiser over your scars on a daily basis for a period of three months.

You will come for a wound check one week after your surgery and return to see Mr Davis in clinic between four and six weeks after surgery, and again after three months. Further follow-ups will be arranged as necessary.

These are related to the procedures you are undergoing, so I advise that you read the relevant information section(s) on the website – e.g. If you are undergoing abdominoplasty and mastopexy (uplift) then read those two sections to see the possible risks and complications.

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