• Procedure Time
    30-60 minutes
  • Anaesthetic Type
    None required
  • Recuperation Time
  • Price
    Hydrafacial Platinum £140

    Hydrafacial Platinum Plus £190

    Hydrafacial Perk
    (lip or Eyes) £60

    Hydrafacial Keravive £450
  • Offers
    Hydrafacial Platinum – 6 for the price of 5 (£700), 12 for the price of 9 (£1260)

    Hydrafacial Platinum Plus – 6 for 5 (£950), 12 for 9 (£1710)

    Hydrafacial Keravive - £1000 for three treatments

Hydrafacial™ is a medical grade facial suitable for all skin tones, that combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration and anti-oxidant protection, resulting in one of the most effective non-surgical resurfacing facial treatments. Through the use of Hydrafacial’s unique patentned Vortex-fusion technology, dead skin cells and impurities are removed whilst, simultaneously, anti-oxidants, peptides and moisturising serums are delivered into the skin, all combining to improve skin texture, pigmentation, wrinkles and the general dullness of aged, tired skin, leaving your skin glowing – all this achievable with zero downtime. Your Hydrafacial™ experience can be personalised through the addition of Skin Boosters that target more specific skin conditions, a stronger chemical peel for greater exfoliation and resurfacing, as well as the addition of LED light treatment, not to mention Hydrafacial™ Perks that target specific areas such as the lips and eyes, and Hydrafacial Keravive that specifically targets the scalp for healthier hair.

  1. Those that are starting to form fine lines
  2. Those looking to brighten a dull complexion
  3. Those with uneven skin tone &/or patchy pigmentation
  4. Those with oily & congested skin
  5. Those with an uneven and/or rough texture to the skin
  6. Those with enlarged pores
  7. Those with poor hair and scalp health and growth
  8. Those looking to boost self-confidence and esteem

  1. Those with active herpes simplex (cold sore)
  2. Those with active infection or open wounds on the face
  3. Those with a Systemic allergy to Aspirin
  4. Those allergic to shellfish (glucosamine)
  5. Those that are pregnant and Breastfeeding
  6. Those on active Cancer treatments
  7. If you have had injectables or advanced skin treatments in the previous two weeks

An array of Hydrafacial™ Boosters are available, some Hydrafacials own and others that have been made in conjunction with some leading skin care providers. Skin Boosters currently available at MD Aesthetics Ltd. include:

  • Hydrafacial Britenol
  • Hydrafacial Dermabuilder
  • ZO Rozatrol Booster Serum
  • Murad Retinol Booster
  • Hydrafacial Keravive Peptide Complex Booster (for the scalp and healthier hair)

The process starts with an assessment of your skin followed by a discussion about what, if any, elements of your skin are damaged and, where applicable, the options that exist to try to improve things (Boosters &/or Perks).

The Hydrafacial treatment will be carried out by one of the MD Aesthetics Team (Doctor or Aesthetician) and will take between thirty (30) and fifty (50) minutes to perform, dependent upon the level of Hydrafacial you have opted for (Platinum, Platinum Plus, additional Booster(s) and/or a Hydrafacial Perk).

We recommend that use of prescription grade crème(s) and topical product(s) used within you normal skin care regimen are suspended a few days before attending for your Hydrafacial Treatment so as to minimise the risk of unwanted interactions.

  • Make-up will be removed prior to treatment
  • Avoid sun tanning your skin pre-treatment – if you are sufferening with sunburn at the time of treatment then your Hydrafacial cannot go ahead
  • Hydrafacial will be postponed if at the time of treatment, you have an active inflammatory skin condition

This will vary depending upon if certain Boosters were used, but in general will include:

  • Remain well hydrated
  • Regular use of Sun Protection

There are no officially reported side-effects of Hydrafacial, however there are reports of users having had breakouts post-treatment, possibly due to very sensitive skin or allergies to ingredients not previously known about.

HydraFacial Keravive


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